Friday, June 3, 2016

Dear facebook CREEP and goodhearted but gulliable freinds

People make me tired sometimes.

I see people with good intentions sharing this shit

Not realizing that this jerk is totally praying on their kindness in order to scam Facebook's priority algorithm
I KNOW, I can't hear you now.
 " but you just see the worst in people."
 "You are over reacting." 
"Maybe he really feels strongly about Jesus"
He doesn't even try to hide his motives. My favorite part is that he thinks any one who disapproves of this shitty behavior is a HATER. Just sit and contemplate this for just one moment. ruminate about it .
you will see that this repugnant vampire is cashing in on your compassion and strangers' pain or glory to fuel his own  needs for fame or what ever else he has going on.
A scroll through his wall reveals a never ending stream of 'click bate articles' and 'like thirsty images' but not one single original post. NO posts about his work day or his funny friend ... no humor posts .... he provides no value to the your timelines yet 27 THOUSAND of you have followed him ..
God first?
I doubt that!
Let me boil this down for you . Because this page gets so many likes and sooo many shares facebook's computer system will assume that his posts are more important to any one who likes or follows him. since his posts are sooo important they will appear before posts from say your best friend who only gets maybe two likes on any given post.
The real concern is why does this page need to be so popular what is their motive?
you don't work this hard for no reason.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Deep thinker ?

You know George Washington once said "It is better to be alone than in bad company." I think he and I are of like minds.
There is a trend in my life, that I find so tedious, and that is one of folks regularly asking about my romantic life. It appears that the norm, for most the females I know, is to pair up with just any one who shows an interest.  Seemingly with no regard to compatibility or value. 
Is it so strange that I would rather wait for a person who fits well with me and my lunacy rather than just saddle up on the first "stud" that roams past me? 
 I don't know what I'm rambling about so .. just ignore it lol

Saturday, October 10, 2015

First act

So due to being seriously limited computer wise I am bored out of my gourd . Result I made a blog. What will this blog hold ? Will I do more blogs than this ? Will it contain anything that other people Will want to read? Will lassie lead the cops to Timmy's killing field? Does Lorraine realize that the man she slept with last night is actually Joe Bob; her husbands evil twin ? Stay tuned....